Open Space on the coast | 2017 Rome


The interior of this small villa on a well-known area on the Roman coast features a double-height bright open space. Here, the studio and reading area overlook the living room and kitchen area.

Thanks to the light filtered by an industrial glass window – handcrafted – in iron and opaque glass, the bedroom area keeps a natural and harmonious connection with the main space. The main focus of the “Open Space on the Coast” is the bond between raw materials and bright elements. In fact, the iron of the loft and the concrete of the structure which is constantly visible, contrast and at the same time balance the white of the walls and the blue of the resin staircase that evokes the idea of ​​the sea.

The collaboration with OH MY LAB. creates another element of contrast with vintage and industrial furnishings such as the 40s naval map, the locker and the industrial French lamps.
The project is completed by a selection of pieces of art including the “Bambole” by Beatrice Alegiani and the sculptures by Dunia Mauro.