Apt Monteverde | 2017 Rome


The apartment, located in a building of the early 1900s, in the heart of the Monteverde district of Rome, is marked by the presence of a functional volume divided into filter, staircase and container.

Taking advantage of the presence of the skylight, a vertical connection was made to the terrace through a wireframe staircase that communicates with the living room and kitchen and divides the two rooms through a sliding glass door.

The whole house is built with a simplicity that lives on contrasts, without fear of overlapping.
In fact, it is possible to appreciate a classic mood given by the wooden floors and the blue color on the walls of the living area, but also an industrial flavor with materials such as resin, iron, brick and classic cement tiles with an arabesque motif.

Also the chromatic opposites give life to new and interesting harmonies such as the one between the walnut parquet rich in warmth and the coldness of the blue of the walls, the natural iron and the exposed bricks. The material contrasts are always marked by formal or functional scans.

The Vitra design furniture project, the Finn Juhl sofa by the Lak00labdanish and the industrial elements of the Oh My Lab Showroom complete the project.